Jul 04
Everything you need to know about peels

Peeling serves to remove dead skin cells, peeling is also often recommended by doctors to treat acne scars and acne. Peeling can be found in various beauty salon and spa. After Peeling, usually the face will be flushed for 1-2 Days. Skin is very sensitive during this process, there are some things you need to consider:

Do not use scrubs after peeling

You should not scrub for a week ahead after peeling. Because your face is sensitive and dead skin is wasted during the process. Scrub after peeling will cause skin irritation. Even abrasions on facial skin.

Simply wash your face 2 times a day.

Use a soft milk or softener. Foam-containing cleansers are not recommended. Rub gently on the face. Wash your skin gently and rinse with water. When you dry your face make sure not to rub your face. Simply pressed gently until dry. It avoids peeling skin prematurely.

Avoid Toner and Cream containing BHA and AHA

After Peeling, avoid using chemical exfoliation products. BHA and AHA are chemicals that work to peel the skin.

Use mild moisturizing cream suitable for sensitive skin types.

It is important to be extra careful in the use of beauty products especially for those of you who are just out of skin care procedures. The EPL series is the best and most appropriate rehabilitation option for you. EPL Remedi solution treats sensitive skin effectively, strengthens skin protection walls and renders skin rapidly. Soothes sensitive skin quickly after treatment / beauty procedure. Rich in effective peptide and Palmitoyl pentapeptide to smooth and tighten rough skin texture. Laboratory test Result Indicates that the product does not cause Irritation.

  1. Using Sunblock

    Sunblock is very important to protect sensitive skin. Our favorite Sunblock suitable for use after laser and Peeling is sunblock EPL Premium Medi BB Cream. BB cream is specially designed for sensitive facial types and out of care.