Oct 10
5 Mistakes in Using Mud Masks You Tend to Do

5 Mistakes in Using Mud Masks You Tend to Do


Clay is one of the natural ingredients that has been known to have good benefits for the body since ancient times. Not only for health, clay also has a variety of benefits for the skin in the form of a mask. One of the benefits of clay mask is to remove impurities from the skin and improve skin elasticity. The use of clay masks is actually quite easy, but requires more attention so as not to cause damage to the skin. So, here are some mistakes in using clay masks that should be avoided:

1. Do not use clay mask according to skin needs

The first mistake in using clay masks is the use of masks that do not meet your needs. Before using the clay mask, you should know what are your skin problems, then choose the appropriate clay mask. Green clay to remove dirt and excess oil from pores in depth. White clay to nourish and remove excess oil on the skin. Pink clay to even out facial tone and improve skin texture. Black clay to deeply cleanse the skin and is suitable for acne-prone skin owners.


2. Fail to clean your face thoroughly

Before using a clay mask, you should clean your face properly. Remove makeup until there is nothing left and clean your face using warm water to remove the remaining makeup remover, dirt, and sebum. Avoid cleaning your face with only micellar water because this can make it difficult to stick clay mask on facial skin. After proper cleansing, then apply a clay mask using a clean spatula or brush.


3. Leaving the clay mask for too long

When using a clay mask, don't forget to read the instructions to get maximum results. One of the rules that is most often broken by clay mask users is to leave the clay mask for too long. Maybe you think that the longer a mask is left on, the more benefits it can get. But this is not true for clay mask. When left on for too long, the clay mask can make the skin very dry and cause irritation to the skin. Make sure you rinse the clay mask well before the mask becomes cracked.


4. Moisturize the face after using a mask

Clay mask is known to be effective for treating oily skin problems. Dirt, dust, and excess oil on the skin can be removed properly using this type of mask. Now after using the clay mask, generally the skin will feel dry and tight. Immediately restore moisture to your skin using toner and moisturizer.


5. Not consistent in using clay mask

To get maximum facial treatment, there are several factors that need attention. In addition to the quality of a product, consistent use is also important. It's useless if you use a very good product but its use is not regular. For clay masks, use the product 1-2 times each week or adjust it to the product usage recommendations.